Please join us for the 2014 Concert Announcement Party. We are looking forward to a great year again. I think the lineup will be well received. - Cain Grocox, Amphitheater Board President
Welcome to Riverside Park Amphitheater!!
Photo Gallery

Check out some photos of concert performers and live shots of the amphitheater.

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Upcoming Shows

Saturday, August 24th

Who’s Bad (Michael Jackson Tribute) – Headliner
650 North – Opener

Saturday, September 21st
Pink Droyd (Pink Floyd Tribute) – Headliner
Doug Henthorn (Solo acoustic) – Opener


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Our Reviews

You guys do a great job.  The community is lucky to have you guys as leaders.   – KIST: A Tribute to Kiss


Dear Mayor Pavey, 

I wanted to send you this note to tellyou how enjoyable the recent Levi Riggs concert four of my friends and myself attended this past Saturday (08-10-13).  The concert itself was awesome but the grounds and all the people working the concert were great.  This is one of the most friendly towns I have visited.  I live in Greenwood, IN  and we also have a venue for outdoor concerts but I have to admit your town has indeed set the mark very high!  We will be sure to attend another concert in your city.  Thanks again for an enjoyable evening under the stars!!!

Jim Lanham


I wanted to thank you guys SO much for this awesome concert on Saturday! Working shows out on the road aren’t always the most fun with sound companies, event staff people being difficult, getting food for the band, etc. This concert was a BLAST! Great venue. Great sound company. Great event staff. Great catering. The scheduling left enough room for everyone to be relaxed and not always be rushing. Your sponsors are ROCKSTARS being able to make it free to the public. I just can’t believe you have this whole deal so right. I wish more places were able to emulate your model. I absolutely loved the BBQ for dinner! I am so hoping that I get to do another show there with y’all! Looking forward to it!  -  David Stanton


Thanks for everything!  You guys were excellent!  The stage is huge and having it covered is a blessing since it is outdoors.  The staff are some of the best I’ve worked with across the country.  They took great care of the band and crew and were very hospitable and friendly.  The concert was great.  The crowd was responsive and appreciative.  I loved the front row couches!  This was one of my favorite concerts this year!   – Levi Riggs


The city of Rushville knows how to host a summer concert series.  Between the fantastic Riverside Park Amphitheater, the professional staff, and the energetic and engaging audience this summer concert series is one we look forward to performing again!  Shine on Rushville!  - Pink Droyd 

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